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"My students, racially, economically, and experientially diverse, came together in a way that I’ve not had the pleasure of seeing in my 16 years of teaching. Students who never sat together started eating lunch together, in essence, desegregating our cafeteria. It was beautiful."
  Shameem Rakha, Teacher, IL

21st Century Skills Bullying Prevention
Film Competition

As part of the Promoting Positive Peer Relationships (P3R) bullying prevention initiative, we have established a national, annual competition for student films developed and produced using the Stories of Us method. The method emphasizes the inquiry process as students research the subject, collect data and build realistic timelines to explore how bullying develops, then translate their findings into short film scripts – and film selected scenes from their story.

Designed for middle and high school students, the P3R Make-Your-Own-Film active learning curriculum combines a range of 21st Century literacy skills and meets English Language Arts and Health Education standards. At the same time, the curriculum promotes social cohesion and helps reduce bullying in schools.

"It would be difficult to find a classroom project that better illustrates the range of skills currently termed '21st century literacies,' and considered increasingly essential for academic and real-world achievement."
  National Council of Teachers of English's "Council Chronicle"

In addition to its curricula and other resources, the P3R initiative aims to create a web-based, education-friendly hub to engage and empower young people in constructive dialogue about bullying. Student-produced films and scripts submitted for the competition will form the center of this hub.    

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