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21st Century Skills Bullying Prevention Film Competition
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  The benefits to schools and other education organizations include:
  BB Winners will receive national exposure – they will be featured in their own section of the Stories of Us website, linked to partner organizations' websites; and highlighted in future promotional activities for the competition and associated curriculum
  BB All participants will increase bullying prevention and community building

The benefits to students include the development of increased knowledge and skills in the following areas:
BB 21st Century Literacy skills
BB Bullying prevention
BB Social skills
BB Teamwork and community building
BB English Language Arts skills
BB Filmmaking skills
BB Researching skills
BB Data collection and analysis

Staff Options

The project can be implemented in schools or after-school organizations by either English, Drama and/or Media Arts staff. It is also an excellent Advisory Class curriculum or interdisciplinary project – which could involve staff from the following areas:
BB English
BB Drama
BB Media Arts
BB Technology
BB Counseling
BB Health


  OPEN: We are now accepting competition submissions.

  CLOSED: There are two competition cycles per year:
BB Round One Submissions close March 31
BB Round Two Submissions close August 4

    Given the time required to prepare and implement the project we recommend that schools commence planning as soon as possible*.

  ANNOUNCED: BB Round One Winners announced mid May
BB Round Two Winners announced mid September
* IMPLEMENTATION: Example timelines for implementing the curriculum.


The cost of the competition curriculum, the Make-Your-Own-Film Resource, is $280.00 (P3R program and some association discounts apply). >How to Order

Resource training packages are also available.

There is no charge for submitting to the competition.

Competition Categories

There are four categories for US entries:
1.  Grade 6
2.  Grade 7
3.  Grade 8
4.  Grade 9 and above.

There are four categories for non-US entries:
1.  Grade 6 (11-12 years old)
2.  Grade 7 (12-13 years old)
3.  Grade 8 (13-14 years old)
4.  Grade 9 and above (14-18 years old)

Spanish-language film submissions must be subtitled in English.

Competition Resource

Visit the Make-Your-Own-Film Resource page for more information about the competition's active learning curriculum.

More Information

For more information see Detailed Information and Submission Instructions.

Ready to submit?

Visit the Competition Registration Page to upload the files.



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