Reactions to filming Stories of Us at Irving…
Some stuff I expected Chris to do was always have something planned. I see now that he will because he has that big notebook. It’s a cool idea to take our pictures. That way he won’t spend some much time learning our names.

I didn’t think much about his physical characteristics before he came. I don’t even know how most Australian people look or dress. I wasn’t surprised by his accent. He didn’t use too many words I didn’t know but the way he said them was different.

Chris seemed like a good guy. He should be very fun to work with.

I hope Chris uses me for something during the filming. I would be ok not being a main character. I just want the experience.

I think that it is really cool to work with Chris. He should be great at his job because he takes so many steps in presentation for the filming. What I can get out of it is I might get to learn about the whole process of making a film. I’ve never really realized all the hard work actors go through to make a film. Such as we have to wear the same outfit for filming. Yesterday, I volunteered to help with the camera men by doing a film by, being a camera assistant, stuff like that. I hope I am able to do that so I can learn about all the technical stuff that goes into making a film. For the guys only me and Chase volunteered but I don’t know how many girls did. I’m guessing not very many because they probably want to be in the film. It would be so cool to go to someone’s house. It’s going to be so different from school. It’s like we’re going to come to school because it’s our set. Everything here is to help us make the film.

 Bullying  is…

  • Mean
  • Stupid
  • Offensive
  • Absurd
  • Big
  • Strong
  • Not smart

I thought the auditions weren’t very well. The scenario that Chris picked for us was pretty easy to work with. I played all three characters but my favorite was B. It was fun to pretend to be so mad at Nick (he was C) and it made more relaxed. At first I was a little nervous because there was Chris, his camera, his boom on the table, the film crew, their camera and boom, and that lady. I think she was from UNL but I’m not sure. All I know is that she had a suit on and was taking a lot of notes. Can’t he shut up? Although I tried to avoid eye contact with the audience, every once in a while I would look over and everybody was smiling or laughing after I’d say something. I figured they were trying enough not to laugh if I was bad so I figured it was a good thing.

Bullying experiences…
One bully experience I had was in my 4th grade math class. I was making jokes about a girl. Because of that she scribbled on my picture I was drawing. She then proceeded to tell the teacher. It was unfortunate, but I was both the victim and the bully.

Reactions to the filming process…
I think it’s going to very hard to get everybody here on time and to stay on schedule. Chris already said he’s going to be a “stressed out monster” and I think he hit the ball right on the nose. I am looking forward to it, but I’ll have a lot of homework and this whole project will be exhausting. I’m excited to be able to film all around school, although I have a feeling all the other students are going to mess up the shot. Mr. McDermott said that certain areas of the school will be shut off from all the kids so we can film. I don’t really want to act in front of a bunch of people, but I know I’ll have to for several of the scenes.

The making of this film has been a great experience for me. I got to see how it feels to be a bully and how much it can hurt people. I really hope this film will make people aware of bullying and ways to stop it. This film is an excellent project and it will be great for kids to watch.

This film's impact on you …
Making this film has changed me. I had a taste of being a bully again, and it has taught me many things. For example, fighting is not good. You can either get beat up in front of a crowd of people or seriously hurt someone. Either way it's not a happy ending. I've also learned to be more careful about what I say. Sometimes what I say in a joke can really hurt someone.

This film's potential impact on others …
I think this film will make people aware of how much bullying really goes on. We filmed this just like it was our natural lives and the bullying was included in that. This film might also make people aware of some of the bullying they might be doing. It will make them see how much getting picked on hurts and maybe people will stop. This film will also give possible solutions to how to stop bullying.

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