Reactions to filming Stories of Us at Irving…
When I first met Chris I knew he would be nice, and he was. I also expected him to give us an assignment but he didn’t which was good. When Chris came I was looking forward to him brightening up my day but I was really tired. I don’t know why.

I think that this process is a once in a lifetime experience. I know it’ll be fun, hard, and I’ll need full dedication to make it work out for me. Chris is a nice guy but he might work us to death. To get this product we must all work together as a team. If we don’t work together it won’t work out and we’ll never get a chance like this again.

Bullying  is…
-mean              -abusive           -verbal
-lying               -usually always angry
-deceptive       -rude

I worked hard and I had fun doing it, but I didn’t get a part. Oh well I might still have a change to be on film. Even if I don’t get a part at all I’ll still have fun and make the best out of what I get. If it just so happens that I only get on scene I’ll also ask if I can help with the camera and behind the scene stuff.  

Bullying experiences…
I remember…
The many times my older brother beat me up for my phone.
When S--- and D--- beat me up because they told the principal I called S--- a bad word and I told the principal I didn’t.
When I made fun of R--- mole.
When K--- R--- pushed me down the stairs.
When I beat up my little brother, I’m not proud of myself.
Fighting my little brother’s bully because I couldn’t stand seeing him beat up my little brother.
The blood pouring out of my friend’s nose because he got punched.
When I wanted to be part of a group but they wouldn’t accept me.
When I fought my cousin.
When everyone made fun of my hair being long.
When I was walking through the hall and D--- kicking me in the “softspot” of a man.
When E--- E--- threw a basketball in my face.
When I retaliated and threw a volleyball in his face
When my arm was bleeding because someone tripped me into the sidewalk.
When everyone called me “gay.”

Reactions to the filming process…
I feel involved in it.
It is very fu-un
but we still have fun in the class

It’s gone great so far. I can’t wait until it’s done! It seems like it will be fun, and a hard working challenge! I’m not disappointed in it so far and it looks like I won’t be in the end. I’m just happy to be in it.

My expectations are that it’ll be hard work but at the same time a fun experience! I’ve always liked.

A great experience has its ups and downs. But this one only had ups!

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