Reactions to filming Stories of Us at Irving…
I lay in bed, just thinking about what is gonna happen or what I want to happen this week of school. Then I remembered about Mr. Faull. How he was coming on Monday to talk to us about the bullying tape and everything else. I got so excited, kinda wiggling around in my bed like a dead worm. Then I thought to myself, “What if I’m not a main character?” I want to be a main character, I want to be a movie star.

Finally! It’s Monday. I hop out of bed all confident and everything. Straightening my hair, finding a cute outfit, eating by bowl of Lucky Charms, and brushing my teeth. It’s time to go. Butterflies in my stomach. “You can do this Hannah, just be yourself.” I kept telling myself. We arrived at my school, kids walking everywhere. RING!! The bell rings. School has basically started, the day has started. I walk into Mrs. Gaers class and there he is. He doesn’t really look like what I thought he would be that’s ok. He still was very nice.

The process of the video has gone great so far! We saw Mr. Faull of the first time last Monday. He was very nice and smiling all the time. He asked us some questions and then wrote them all down. I really want to be a main character in the show. So I feel that if I show him my crazy, sweet, funny, and serious side I might get what I want.

Yesterday we worked on so bullying columns. We wrote down some major bullying techniques that are kinda common and really common. We taped while we were talking in our small groups. It was kinda hard not to look at the camera what it came to our group and then we could also see the little black microphone in the corner of our eyes. At the same time it was kind a like wow, this is intense. But the taping that Chris did of our group, Chris is probably the only one watching it and that’s not even bad. Just wait til we really start filming everybody will see it. Even people in different states.

I’m so excited to audition on Monday. I hope me being myself and the way I act might want him to put me as a main character.

My group was really cool too because we could have a topic and we would take like 10 min just to talk about it cause everybody had a great idea. The girls in my group that I don’t really talk to, we were actually talking and becoming friends and then even two of them came home with me last night and hung out with me for Halloween. Natasha and Jezlyn.

Bullying  is…
-mean              -hatred             -ungrateful
-rude                -harmful          -irresponsible
-selfish             -sarcastic         -disrespectful
-jealousy          -sexual             -discouraging
-stupid             -lacking           -confidence

Bullying offends everyone,
Except EMO people.
When you are bullied you feel alone,
but when you are the bully you may feel
Misery loves company –
Or so it seems.
Bullies use their voice
to shut yours down.
The power this gives them
pushes you to the ground.
As you fall so does your
It makes you feel lower than
Lil’ Wayne’s jeans.
Their depression spreads
from them to you
Don’t let them get to you,
They’re shallow and rude
you are not as alone
as you think you are.

Ok, so this whole process of the movie makes me so anxious to want to start the film. I’m so excited to work more with Chris and the camera crew. I’m also very ecstatic cause I get to be one of the main 6 characters. Jezlyn is the biggest bully right now! Then I think me and Kayla are the sidekicks for Jezlyn basically.

Then C.C. is one of the biggest victims. Michaela and Marina are C.C.’s sidekicks.

I’m excited to be a main character because I like to be in front of the camera and I think I can make Chris proud and I can do what he wants me to do. I’ve always wanted to produce a movie and be famous. Now here’s my time to shine!! I’m very glad to be working with Jezlyn, Kayla, C.C. Marina, and Michaela and I almost forgot Brendon.

I always catch myself off guard during class thinking about this and how I have to look and act but all I have to do really is be myself!!

Bullying experiences…
I remember…
When M--- the blind and deaf 8th grader last year got tapped on the head by these kids in the hall an it hurt him.
When I was at the YMCA shooting some hoops and T--- was there and he made bubble in my ball and then popped it in my face.
A kid coming up to me and saying “how’s the weather down there?”
This kid in 3rd grade pushing me and knocking everything out of my hands and then didn’t help me pick my stuff up
Falling off the monkey bars cause a kid bit me cause I was going too slow.
Seeing the big scrape on his head with blood rushing down his face.
Kids threatening to beat me up.
Not being able to play a game at school cause a kid thought I was fat, slow, and ugly and short.
A mean girl telling a little bit larger girl to get off the soccer field cause she was too fat.
A kid that was really young getting pushed around by these teens and they made him stick his tongue on a frozen pole or else they would beat him up.

Reactions to the filming process…
Ok, so the filming or the rehearsals have been pretty tremendous we are very focused and anxious to start filming on Wed December 5. We are all very siked Chris is an amazing producer. He communicates with us very well. We can understand him clearly.

For the filming I do have some expectations. Everyone who is participating in the filming should be very focused and should know what they are doing. Everyone should pay attention to what Chris is saying. Listen, ears opened. Don’t get side tracked while filming if you see one of your friends in the hallway. Try to block the people out.

I hope this film goes great and that students that watch this all over the United States understand what it’s like to be bullied or to be the bully and how it makes people feel. I hope it teaches everyone a lesson in life. Treat people the way you want to be treated stand up for yourself don’t let anyone stomp all over cause you’re different. You’re unique.

This film's impact on you …
Have I changed as a result of this experience? Dramatically. I feel like a better friend to everyone. I even have enough guts to stand up to one of my bullies. She tried to boss me around but I was like NO! Your attitude isn't needed right now. I felt good after that. We haven't talked since.

This film's potential impact on others …
Well after people watch this video, hopefully it will make them think how they treat others. I've always been taught to treat others the way you want to be treated. Stand up for yourself and don't let anyone push you around.

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