Reactions to filming Stories of Us at Irving…
Chris looks different than I expected. I’m not sure what I expected. He sounded different too. I think that I thought he’d sound more like a typical Australian guy on TV, but his voice was lower. I kind of like him though. It sounds like he’s just going to take our lives, and turn it into a short film. It’s going to have a main bullying theme, but it will still be just who we are.

There’s a kid named D--- H--- who went to my elementary school, S–––. No one really liked him. He was mean and a jerk, so we all made fun of him. In fifth grade I helped humiliate him more than once. I don’t feel happy or proud though, and he hates me. I really don’t know what to write now, but we’re supposed to keep writing. And suddenly I thought of times I’ve been bullied. At S–––, I got sort of bullied by this one kid, but I didn’t really care. I don’t mind much, except last year, C--- N--- was really annoying me, which I don’t like, and I stabbed him with a pen in the shoulder.

This is a good project. One of two things will happen. Either someone will see it, and think it’s crap, and laugh about. The second thing is that someone, or rather a group than someone on both of these, will take this, and it will change their life in incredible, unbelievable ways. A thing that would seem silly, but really means everything, is always fully accepted, with maybe a few people who disagree, or terribly hated, because no one stepped forward and openly accepted it. It’s like a promise you make, or an experience, and to anyone who wasn’t there, it would be ordinary, but to those who were, it will be one of your best, happiest moments. Except in a half hour movie rather than a long several hour experience.

I don’t know what I contribute. I can tell you what some people contribute, but I feel like I don’t fully know myself, or what I am. Lots of my thoughts and ideas and actions conflict with each other.

Bullying  is…
Characteristics of a bullier
set, unchanging by choice
don’t know how to deal with or adapt to things

It was hard to play person C. I don’t normally just go up to people like that, and when I do, they don’t hate me. B was easier though, I just have to be a jerk and tell him to shut up. Anyone can do that. The only hard part there was keeping up a story to tell. Being person A was also easy. There were two things that I tried. Trying for them both to be nice, or flat out helping to protect C. That was a bit surprising, getting hit in the face. It seems that always when I get hit in the face, I end up on the ground. Usually it’s because I don’t expect it otherwise I’d be fighting back better. Not that I’m a good fighter. And now I kind of wish we had been doing something that’s just strange. I like weird things, and do better with them. I like science fiction and fantasy and generally ridiculed ideas, like invisible pink unicorns. 

Bullying experiences…
I remember…
When me and my brother got in a fight.
My X fighting with R---.
C--- chasing me.
My brother making fun of me.
Me and others insulting A---.
I--- getting angry at A---.
I--- fighting with F---.
My friends continuously rejecting J---.
Me starting to feel annoyed and acting the same.
Friends making fun of me for books I read.
R--- drawing/writing all over my things.
People laughing at H---‘s tears.
A--- tell his X to go away.
My cousins fighting.
Being shot by pellet guns.
My X, T--- telling his X to go away. Loudly.

Reactions to the filming process…
Very strange
And really awesome
I like making movies
That take school time

I expect us to practice the scenes, so they’re already good, then just film the scene. Probably film it more than once.

Up till now, though it hasn’t really been that interesting. School work isn’t affected at least not for me, and I haven’t really done much with Chris. The first week or two we all told Chris what happens here for bullying, and how everyone feels about it. Then we auditioned, I wasn’t picked, so I really haven’t done anything else, except bring clothes. The rest of us not too involved yet get to play improve games, instead, and we also turned this story into a play. Mostly we’ve just messed around, waiting for when we get to help with the project.

Because of the movie, I've decided I don't want to be very involved in movie making. I want to help people now, bullied and bullies. I think I'd try to help people if they were being bullied though.

This film's potential impact on others …
I think the film will help people. I think it'd make people more aware of bullying and try to stop it. I also think it'd make bullies stop bullying.

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