Reactions to filming Stories of Us at Irving…
When I woke up Monday morning, I realized Chris was going to be here today. I was so excited, I couldn’t wait. I was kinda nervous about whether we were going to be able to understand him or not. When he got here and we met him, it was so cool. The weight on my shoulders about not understanding him, came right off. It was like finally, we get to meet him because we have talked and heard about him for so long. I can’t wait to get this all over with so I can see what our final video will be. I think it’s awesome that we get to write the script. That and filming is going to be so much fun! He is a really nice guy and I am excited to be working with him. This is an awesome experience and I don’t think it will ever happen again in this lifetime of mine. That’s why it’s so exciting.

So far the process has gone pretty well. Yesterday went really good and I think that Chris got a lot of ideas. Also he learned a lot about what goes on at our school. He probably realized that the two schools are completely different. I think that everyone who has given ideas gave good ones. I think that also he has started to think of the people who could be the bully and pull it off. He is probably looking at everyone to see where in the film they fit. Everyone is coming up with different ideas. In my group yesterday we realized that there is more bullying in our school than what we thought. As we wrote down all of the different kinds of bullying, we realized that every kind takes place in our school whether you’re in the situation or not. Another thing is we talked about you may be doing something to bully but you don’t know it. That is why you really have to think. Another one is that most people bully without even thinking about it. They just call someone a name but don’t really realize it.

Bullying  is…
-less important
-more power

So today we found out who the main characters are. For the girls story it is me, Jez, Hannah, Michaela, CC and Marina. We are all so excited to see what is going to happen. So far it’s going good I think. We did auditions and wrote a story. Now Chris is trying to figure out how to get everything in his head to us. He has a lot of ideas so now we need to start picking some. I am so excited to see what the final will look like. We have two or three things already for the girl story. We decided on a couple that are true and that really happen in our school. For example we might spread a rumor about CC and it will get all over the school. Overall the process is going pretty well. It just makes me want to do it all right now so we can start filming. I am so excited to work with Chris because he is so nice and has a lot of ideas.

Bullying experiences…
I remember…
When S--- would call me names about acne.
When I slapped a girl for back talking me and an x-friend.
When some guys were calling my best friend the “B” word.
When I yelled at a girl for talking crap about my friends and I.
When some kids took this other kid’s box and destroyed it and made the kid cry.
When an x-friend and I were screaming at each other.
The bruises from guys throwing things at me and my friends.
When my friend chased a kid down the hall yelling cussing and trying to beat him up.
When my friend and I yelled at a girl for telling the counselor my friend was pregnant.
In 1st grade I pushed this girl down the slide head 1st and got sent to the principal’s office.
In 2nd grade I got in trouble for pulling some girls hair.
In 4th grade these kids were telling everyone that I was fat and ugly.
When my sister lightly punched me and I went after her and started punching her really hard.
On the detasseling bus these kids we know were calling us lesbos and was taking pics because my friend was leaning on my and we were sleeping.
A--- called me and my friends sluts because we wear short skirts and tube tops

Reactions to the filming process…
We are about 2 days away from filming. I am so excited, but at the same time nervous. I think the process of writing the script went good. We also came out with a pretty good script. My expectations are pretty open. I think it’s going to be fun, but it’s going to be a long process. We are going to have to work really hard and be good so Chris isn’t so stressed.

I really hope that students, that aren’t in the film, don’t run in front of the camera. If they do then we have to redo the scene and that will just make matters worse.

I can’t wait for filming. I think when we’re done, we will have a great film!

This film's impact on you …
Through this experience, I have changed so much. I saw a better view of the bully, victim and the bystander. Now, I am going to stop and think before I start to bully someone. I also decided that if I am ever bullied again, then I will either stand up to them or walk away while it is happening. If that doesn't work then I'm going to tell an adult.

This film's potential impact on others …
I think if people watch the movie and get the point of it, then it should help. I think it will make people look at bullying from different perspectives. I hope that it will encourage people to do something about the bullying before they bully. Hopefully, people will get the message, listen to it and spread it.

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