Reactions to filming Stories of Us at Irving…
I wondered if he flew here or drove here from Illinois. I thought he was cool, nice, and he knew what he was doing. But I also wondered is this like serious. Then I was thinking what if he picks me to be important person in this film or maybe he doesn’t maybe I’m just background.

I thought he is a very laid back guy. I think this project is a great idea and it’s going to be fun, he’s cool, and he makes it clear in his directions of what he wants us to do he also is this project will be fun., and he thought of being in a movie is cool. I wonder what my part will be in the movie I’m not sure it will be a great experience.

Bullying  is…
Slap, punch, verbal, mean

My day was good and was fun and exciting. My group did really well I thought we were clear and understanding. We followed the directions and had fun. This whole thing will be fun.

Bullying experiences…
I remember…
When I saw someone make fun of A---.
When I saw someone make fun of T---.
When I heard a rumor about someone being gay.
When I heard Logan punched D--- in the face.
When A--- beat up his brother.
The blood on my face.
His bloody nose and all the blood on his face.

Reactions to the filming process…
The filming process has gone ok for us, but its almost like we’ve been useless for the film. My expectations for the film is it will be fun and there will be some work to do but it will get done.

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