Reactions to filming Stories of Us at Irving…
When Chris first came and even before he came I knew he was going to expect a lot from us and it was going to be hard with all the missing classes and working on this. When I first met him he looked to me that he was ready to work with us, he had it all figured out, but that he was trying to fit in a little too much with us, like when he called on someone, he’d say “yo.” And I think he should just be himself, because if he’s not how are we supposed to see the real Chris, and how does he expect us to be ourselves if he’s not. But over all he seems like a nice guy.

I’m so excited for the film making.

I think some of us could be famous through the eyes of the people who watch us or the video. We might become a big success and get money for our performance. What I think I would do with the money is get my mom her dream home with what all she wanted, give some away to charity, give my dad something that he wanted, like some Michael Jordan thing or something, give some out to friends to help them out a little bit. But hopefully I don’t develop a big head and become vain like some people do when they become famous. I will try to use the money for good and not spend it all at once or all on myself, and save some of it also just in case something should happen to me, or someone else. And those are my thoughts on this.

Bullying is…
-name calling
-physical violence
-physical mental violence
-someone taking something out on someone else

I thought I did the auditions pretty well, but I guess it just wasn’t good enough since I didn’t get picked. And some of the one’s that did get picked are going to get a big head, and I see it already see that happening and I wish they would not draw attention to themselves just because they’re excited they got picked. But anyway I’m straying from the subject, just need to get that out in the open.

I think I did a good job but could have done a little better. I think I would have been better when we started actually filming and I knew what the script was going to be about. Like not read a script but know what the problems and things like that were about, and just use my own words like what we’re supposed to do during filming. I think it would be better if we did the auditions like that or at least have a second chance to prove ourselves that we can do this, that we’re up to the challenge, and we will do this without backing down or giving up. But I don’t know what part Chris has saved up for the one’s who didn’t get the lead. I guess we’ll find out. Even though I didn’t get one of the leads, I still want to be a part of the film, a part of this project, and not be left out. I’m not trying to sound needy or rude. I’m just writing what I think.

Bullying experiences…
I remember…
When people made fun of my acne.
When I broke up a fist fight, between 2 guys.
When my friends were making fun of an overweight person.
When I was in daycare and I almost got kicked out of daycare because I bit everyone.
When people pick on the nerds or whatever you want to call them.
When someone was making fun of my spelling and reading.
When is talking bad about my friends I jump in and defend my friends.
When people made this one kid do this dance move over and over again because it looked funny.
When these bullies at my daycare were playing air hockey and I jumped in and beat both of them at it.

Reactions to the filming process…
I feel depressed
It’s fun
I’m Kodowsome.
The Film will be really good.
I want to be in the Film.
I want to have a line.

I think that it will be very hard to do. (The film I mean). But I’m going to do my best work. My opinion is that this is going very well so far, but this might change as we start filming. My expectations are not high, but I’m sure the film people’s are. I’m just gonna do the best I can, once I know what exactly I’m doing in the film. And not get a big head like some people do, when they know they play a big part in a movie. I’m just glad that I got a part, that’s all, big or small, whatever. I just wish everyone could have a part in the play, but I don’t make the decisions.

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