Reactions to filming Stories of Us at Irving…
Before Chris came I thought he was going to be really mean. The minute he said, “hello I’m Chris” I knew I had been wrong. When he talked to us I understood what he expected out of us. He was really nice to us. He seems like someone I could look up to and have a lot of respect for. I think he will help us make this project a success. I expect us to do very well on this project. Chris could really turn us into good performers. I know it’s most likely gonna be a hard journey but we can do it!

I was so pumped for auditions. Then I went out of my room and said to my mom auditions are today. Then she said you can’t go I’m sorry you have an eye appointment. I was so upset that she didn’t tell me ahead of time. After my eye appointment I was like so now that you didn’t tell me about the eye appoint I won’t get a good part! When she pulled up to the school I said sorry mom it’s fine I only want a small part anyways. Then she said it’s fine but you should really want a big part. Then I got out of the car and came into 5th period.  

Bullying experiences…
I remember…
When I was in 3rd grade M--- slammed my head into the wall.
When J--- called B--- a loser in 2nd grade.
When M--- called B--- fat and ugly.
When D--- pushed T--- down cement stairs.
When B--- got made fun of for her weight.
When L--- called A--- a lesbian.
When C--- called H--- a two faced toothpick and made Holly cry.
When T--- and D--- called C--- a fat uglier version of big foot.
When L--- called K--- ugly and retarded.
When T--- punched A--- in the face.
When C--- hit T--- in the face when he had a bad headache.
When C--- said he was gonna stab R---.
When me and C--- got into a fist fight.
When D--- and C--- called me and made me cry.
I remember when my best friend D--- told me she didn’t wanna be friends anymore because C--- made her.
When D--- got made fun of for her X and X died.

Reactions to the filming process…
It is
great experience to have
I really
like it,
It rocks on Ice

Well I think it’s gone pretty smoothly. So far, but it’s really boring for the people that always have to stay in one room. I expect that we’ll do well and we get everything done. I expect the cast to look like we’ve been rehearsing the whole thing for months. Which I’m sure they will!! I also expect for us to get everything done on time. And I expect it to turn out a success.

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