Reactions to filming Stories of Us at Irving…
Before Chris came I didn’t know what to think. He could have been any type of man to me but I don’t really know what he was going to look like. I’m not sure if I want a lead role in the film but I probably do. It’s just that for the filming week I’m going to leave at 3 for basketball. I had a good breakfast this morning. Chris seems nice and it seems like making the film might not be too bad but I might not do to great in 2nd period for the rest of the quarter in Mr. Goodrich’s class.

I think the process is great. I realize this is a really great opportunity to do once in a life time things I presume. Not many people get the chance to do what me and the rest of this class can do for the rest of second quarter. I think that I can contribute a lot. I hope I can act but film crew would also be fun. I sure hope I make a team. Yesterday Chris introduced us to some new ideas. I wonder what would happen if we did a cafeteria scene. I don’t think it would want because kids in the background. I just don’t get why we have to be filmed while making the film. That’s just weird. I don’t like the idea of going to 4:30 each day. I doubt I will. Hopefully I can stay till 3. Yesterday Louis had some good ideas about what types of bullying can occur.

Bullying  is…
Bullies are big
Not nice
No good dirty rotten pig stealing great
Great grandfather

My reaction to the process of auditioning is bad. I don’t think that it was a very good idea. We shouldn’t have taken so many main characters I don’t believe. My reaction to the whole thing is bad. Why are we making this movie anyway? All it does is take me away from more important things. I only think we should have taken like 6 people overall for main characters.

Putting it on film wasn’t really a good idea. Hopefully Nebraska wins this Saturday. What else could I write about the auditions? I don’t have anything else to say I don’t think it was a good process, that’s it. I wonder why the girls are so loud.  

Bullying experiences…
I remember…
When me and B--- locked M--- in the band closet.
C--- told me and B--- leave Old C---.
C--- and M--- got frosting all over my sweatshirt.
B--- stuffed my face in the snow.
A--- tackled B---.
A--- tackled J---.
E--- made fun of my haircut.
M--- told L--- and J--- to go build a railroad.
H--- kicked me.
J--- called me really annoying.
J--- told me and B--- to shut up.
C--- told me not to talk to her.
H--- said you’re so annoying.
B--- made fun of me in gym in the weight room.
C--- punched T---.
E--- made fun of L--- about how good he was at sports.

Reactions to the filming process…
So far the process has been alright sometimes but also boring for some of the time. Boring a lot. Especially the after school rehearsal. The filming process begins in 2 days. Chris is going to lose it. I can see it coming. I sure hope that it is short and sweet and that I’ll be able to go to basketball everyday. I sure hope it’s not a long and boring process but it probably will be. I’m glad the media is coming and we get to be on the news. Chris is probably going to go crazy during filming. I don’t see why we can’t go outside and rehearse. It’s 30 degrees, what’s so bad about that. I hope that we can do the filming quickly and right.

This film's impact on you…
Being in this film will impact me towards my thoughts about bullying. It will teach me something everyone knows but needs to be reminded, being a victim is not fun. Being in this will also remind me to think before I act.

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