Reactions to filming Stories of Us at Irving…
For the countless weeks we talked jabbered, jawed, conversed about Mr. Chris Faull. We had practiced improv poem writing and reading just to be ready once he had gotten here. I think that we could use more skill building and we could become an even greater team. “But,” if we don’t get that time I doubt we will yet we can manage get through all of these goals and accomplish them adequately or better.

What I think that I can gain a correct mind set um, man I can think of anything of how I can lead myself in life but this project itself could never choose how my life ends up. It makes me realize that will have to soon enough take full charge of what I get out of life I have also realized some everlasting joys and some flaws that I just can’t naturally control. And I also realize that some ways others think isn’t just quite like mine as they say “when life gives you lemons make lemonade” but sometimes I may mess up and it will be too sweet or sour for some people ein my life and I am just going to have to live with it.

Bullying  is…
mean                            moody
misunderstood                        nasty
ugly                             grouchy
distasteful                   disdainfrul

My reflection of my audition was that it went fabulously. Another reason why I think so is that I got an acting part in it. When I made a mistake and we retook a new cut I would give it my all to do it just the way Chris told me to. Public Enemy #2………like when I was character B I was just ignoring character C and not being mean and nasty like he wanted me to. So I was kind of mean but it could have gone much better than it had gone. My favorite part was when Le was character B Isaac was A and I was C. Le and I started to fight and then when I went swinging at him I ended up hitting Isaac in the face.

Bullying experiences…
I remember…
When my friend was pants by my other friend.
When X say on my friend D––– and me.
When my friend was pants down to nothing by A–––.
When I laid out N–––.
When J––– laid me out.
When K––– tackled C–––
When my friend went to someone else’s house instead of my birthday party.
When I got sack tapped.
When B––– got sack tapped.
When my X and I jumped my X.
When I blow up H–––’s basketball in her face.

Reactions to the filming process…
it’s pretty fun
Ms. Gaer
my first period class in Irving

My expectations of this film are very high. Mr. Faull has been an awesome director. The thing that he does that makes him so good is that he will let us go without too much detail and see how it goes and later correct our mistakes. I think that this film will easily reach from coast to coast in the educational system.

This film's potential impact on others…
I hope this experience will change others positively. If it just helps one person that could lead to an entire school that is changed. I hope it makes them more aware of bullying by themselves and others. I hope it will get them to help those less fortunate.

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