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Synopsis – Film One

Adam is a likeable 8th Grade student who enjoys playfully irritating friends Joey and Akshay with his improvised rap songs. One day Adam unintentionally steps on the toe of Jackson – a troubled boy in the same class – who thereafter starts to harass him.

Selena is friends with Ally, Chrissy, Holly, Nikki, Kiara and Izzy. Prompted by being excluded from joining her friends in a group activity, Holly lies to Ally with the intention of turning her against Selena. Chrissy supports Holly in the lie, and Selena’s protestations fall on deaf ears as Ally increasingly turns on her.

When Jackson trips Adam in the hallway and inadvertently almost knocks a teacher to the ground, Jackson blames Adam for the resulting punishment – and escalates the harassment by tipping food over him in the cafeteria.

And when Ally sees Nikki and Kiara having fun with Selena she sets about undermining their friendship. She phones Selena and engineers for Selena to say negative things about Nikki’s boyfriend Jerome – then switches to speaker-phone so that Nikki and Kiara can hear. A furious Nikki (with Kiara and Jerome in tow) confronts Selena in the hallway… leaving Selena friendless but for Izzy.

Jackson continues to intimidate Adam, who turns to Joey for help. Joey suggests Adam use the knowledge that Jackson’s parents are separating to get back at him. Adam is unsure, but when Jackson persists with flicking him when the teacher’s back is turned, Adam embarrasses him in front of the class.

Selena talks to Izzy, hoping to understand why Ally is treating her so poorly. Izzy is of little help, and when Selena reacts shyly as Akshay passes in the library, Izzy playfully stirs her about liking the boy.

Desperate to resolve the problem, Selena tries to talk to Ally, but Ally stands her ground, blaming Selena for what happened with Nikki and the others. Then things worsen when Izzy tells the girls that Selena likes Akshay – and they plot to set them up to embarrass Selena, arranging a rendezvous in the park after school.

Fed up with the intimidation, Adam approaches Jackson at the skate-park. Jackson is so uncommunicative that out of frustration Adam accuses Jackson of harassing him because Jackson’s parents are divorcing… and Jackson snaps, chasing him to the ground and viscously beating him. Meanwhile Ally and Holly hide behind a tree in the park, photographing an embarrassed Selena and Akshay – then post the photo on Ally’s web site bulletin board and circulate it widely…

In concluding, we learn that Selena spoke to her mother, who convinced her to talk with the teacher. After a few days she returned to school, and although no longer friends with Ally, has patched things up with Nikki and Kiara – who realize that they had been manipulated by Ally. Adam had wanted to change schools, but with the support of the administration has switched classes. Jackson, reflecting on his unfair behavior, now leaves Adam alone.

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