Why bullying prevention?
BB Bullying was a factor in 2/3 of the 37 school shootings reviewed by the U.S. Secret Service;
BB Every day over 160,000 students stay home from school because they are afraid of being bullied;
BB 75% of adolescents report having been bullied at some time during their school years.

Community Education Resource

Parents, family and members of the local community may be the first to witness bullying or its consequences, or be the ones to whom students turn for help. Bullying is not limited to the school. With the emergence of various forms of cyber-bullying (using cell phones and the internet) it is becoming all the more important that parents and the broader community are well informed about the reality of bullying.

The Community Education Resource is intended for schools and community groups wishing to reach beyond the school to inform and engender constructive support in dealing with bullying.

This resource combines the professional student films with expert interviews highlighting what happens and why, and providing guidance with addressing this complex problem. The aim is to help define and understand what is potentially happening for many of young people, and consider how they can help to create a safer and more supportive environment.

The text accompanying the DVD provides instructions for conducting the session, and includes hand-outs for the audience with links to further information and support.


DVD:  Community Education-Specific Film Previews  +   Full P3R films Previews

FACILITATOR'S GUIDEView examples from the facilitator's guide pdf

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