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Comments from students after working with the Make-Your-Own-Film curriculum:

“We had to write our own scripts, do many scenes over and over again, and we had to edit the video.  It took a long time.  I really think the video was very positive because I learned a lot about bullies and what they do to people.  If somebody else sees the video it can teach them a lesson too.”

“I learned that bullying is bas.  I think whoever watches the video will learn what a bully can do and what a victim should do.  They should ask for help.”

“I think whoever watches this video will learn what a bully is…I don’t think bullying is cool…they should never bully anyone because they can hurt the victim.”

“The only thing I didn’t like about the video is that I was the main victim and I was in every scene.  It was tiring and we did so many scenes…I think this really helped me understand what a bully is and how to help someone when they are bullied.  I think the video was awesome.” 

“One thing I did not like about the prevention video was when everyone was being mean to a girl when she wasn’t doing anything to them.  I didn’t like to see that. I think that it was interesting to learn about bullying through a video.”

“I think the prevention video was so much fun that I would like to do something like that again.  I learned that it is not good to bully because you can hurt people.”

“I think it was fun, and people will learn from this video that they should not bully other people.”



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